Corporate Values

Core Values

At Mapaonga Zambia, we are committed to these values:

  • Excellence
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • hard work
  • total quality
  • respect for all our clients, business partners, employees, communities where we operate from and other stakeholders.

We guarantee total commitment in all our business ventures.




Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of Mapaonga Zambia Limited is based on Quality – quality-oriented approach in all our assignments and quality results – even when financial constraints seem to be the driving factor in the way our clients may implement certain projects. We promise quality service at all times.




Belief System

We believe that some of the key areas that are crucial to the continued success of the business are:

  • A strong management team;
  • Respect and empowerment of their staff;
  • Emphasis on quality;
  • Sound financial base;
  • Good client relations, and
  • Stringent financial controls.




Environmental Policy

  • We have official policies for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.
  • It is the policy of Mapaonga Zambia Limited that the environment should be preserved and improved. We encourage environmental improvement activities in all our construction projects.





We have a policy to provide general awareness of HIV/AIDS among its staff and in the communities in which we are implementing projects. Counsel and support is encouraged.




Social Responsibility

It is the policy of Mapaonga Zambia Limited to plough back its profits to the communities where we operate. From time to time the company supports community based projects materially and financially.